The Mighty Fortress Church is Open to Everyone

Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor, and the voice of the Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. He is the founder of the church, which is located in the state of Minnesota.

Through the services of the Ministry and all of the people he reaches, Bishop Williams has dedicated his life as a preacher, a teacher of Christian beliefs, and a religious leader. His powerful words instill faith and hope. The Mighty Fortress Church has a congregation of members throughout the world. The Church is open to all people, regardless of their religious denomination. Read more on

The Mighty Fortress Church draws large crowds made up of its members, and visitors who come to hear the inspirational words of its Senior Pastor. He urges all people to let God into their lives through prayer, and God will answer their prayers and guide them. Bishop Williams believes that God answers by even just a word, but people must be listening.

People have asked questions about the Mighty Fortress Church. The questions, and answers are listed below.

What is it that makes it unique? The Church is a safe and meaningful place to explore the teachings of Christianity and the Bible. It is comfortable, people are friendly, and the experience can be life-changing. Thousands of people have received God’s blessings in their lives.

What is the atmosphere like? The atmosphere is welcoming. It is an informal gathering. There are no formal rituals that can feel meaningless to some people, week after week.


What should people expect at the service? The service is a meaningful session of worship, and devotional prayers to God and Jesus Christ. It is an expression of faith by welcoming God into their lives. He has brought them new hope.

What should people expect from God’s words? God will answer prayers and change lives.

The Mighty Fortress Church teachers that when people live their lives in faith, they will be victorious in life.

Can people come as they are? The Church answers that question with an absolutely yes, they can. It is an atmosphere of acceptance, regardless of race or cultural background. All people are welcome to attend the weekly services at the Mighty Fortress Church. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.