The outstanding career of Luis R. Chenevert.

Before he voluntarily retired in November 2014, Luis R. Chenevert had served in leadership positions in many prominent institutions. Luis began what would be great career journey at General Motors where he worked as a line supervisor and later a general manager of the department of production for fourteen solid years until 1993.


When Louis Chenevert left General Motors, he joined the Pratt and Whitney firm where he worked in junior positions for six years before being appointed a president in 1999. He served in this position until 2006 when he left the firm in pursuit for greener pastures. In the same year Luis R. Chenevert left Pratt and Whitney, Luis became the Director of United Technologies. He served in this position for a while before rising to the position of president and the chief operating officer in the same institution. In the year 2008, he was elected to the position of president and chief executive officer of United Technologies. Two years later he added the title chairman to his already impressive resume. He spent his last working years as the United Technology’s chairperson and CEO.

Upon retiring from his active position in United Technologies, Luis Chenevert was appointed the banking division of the Goldman Sachs Merchant firm as a senior industry adviser in 2015. He played this role for two years before embarking on his current endeavor as the member of the Business Council. He is also currently a vital part of the Cargrill Inc. board of directors, a role he took up back in 2011. Chenevert is also a member of the advisory board of the Yale Centre for cancer as well as an inducted fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Education Background


Luis Chenevert is the holder of a Montreal University Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management. In the year 2011, Luis Chenevert was honored by the same University by being awarded a Doctorate. Owing to his academic success and the impact he has made in the University, he was elected to the University’s Global Advisory Board. Currently, he serves as the board’s chairperson.