The Tempus CEO and Philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a company that has a goal of putting databases to calibrate and then know how to treat cancer. He is also the CEO and would like to fight cancer successfully. His plan is to get doctors have a database that will give order and prevent confusion and give clarity to the cancer treatment records.

The documents are needed, and they should be compiled. Financing the health is sector fundamental, there are little resources that combine genomic and therapeutic information. This lack of well-arranged data has been observed by Eric, and he talked about it at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference that was held in San Diego. There, he stressed the need of getting molecular, the outcome response and therapeutic data that will give us a tip on how to approach cancer regarding treatment. The data will provide us with the likelihood of the cancer healing with a particular type of drug. Genetic information will not be taken into account.

A breast cancer research with patients who used Herceptin was conducted. They were looking for the reason why the medicine, do not heal up to 60% of cancer patients, who succumb to the ailment. Patients should be asked if they have other conditions other than cancer so that similarities can be compiled. People who were getting data on the Herceptin drug are not given information fast. They were asked to be patient for 90 days. Eric was suggesting that all records be uploaded for easy retrieval by doctors.

Tempus, created by Eric Lefkofsky who was motivated to do so when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer wanted it to make work easier for doctors. His organization will make it easy to give drugs to cancer patients. The database will show the active drug to use for a particular cancer patient and learn more about Eric.

A better version of electronic medical records EMR will be created by Tempus that will add all fresh data and feed the clean version back to the source. The new system will verify and validate information. The oncologists will have better ways to start treating a patient with cancer. Eric Lefkofsky is also helpful in sectors like art, education and human rights and Eric’s Twitter.