Top 3 Natural Lip Balm Brands

Maintain soft, supple and healthy is not an easy affair. It takes effort, or at least having a lip balm in hand. However, it is important to understand that there are lip balms that help improve the condition of your skin, and there are those that contain ingredients that will only hurt your lips further. Listed below are top- recommended natural lip balms;

Evolution of Smooth

EOS is an award-winning lip balm company. They are known to produce healthy lip balms, purely made with natural ingredients. EOS Lip Balm does not contain petrochemicals or allergens such as petrolatum and paraben.

EOS lip balms care for your lips, soothing and moisturizing them. This is courtesy of the jojoba oil, beeswax and natural Vitamin E used in the lip balms. You can select from their wide variety of flavors, including vanilla, summer fruit and mint.

Olio ESSo Lip Balm

Olio is also one of the top natural brands, Full of revitalizing olive oil, a great moisturizer. The benefit of this lip balm is that it can be used on other body parts apart from the lips. The healing properties of olive oil, make it fit for any body part that might be dry or chapped.

Grown Alchemist Lip Balm in Vanilla & Watermelon

This makes it to the top of our list not only because of the ingredients, but also because of the flavor. This lip balm is made bearing in mind that most of the lip balm applied ends up being ingested. The mix of watermelon and vanilla makes it sweet that you could even eat it. Additionally, it is petrolatum-free. Therefore, it does not end up suffocating your lips. Also, it utilizes natural ingredients such as castor oil and beeswax, thus, protecting your lips from adverse weather.

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