Top Facts about Southridge Capital

When it comes to diversified financial holding companies, Southridge Capital has taken the lead in the provision of specialized advisory services as well as direct investments to all companies regardless of its size. As a financial holding company, Southridge has established its expertise in customization of a full-proof financial plan for the potential client and having the ability to follow up with intricacy without fail for guaranteed success. This investment group is based in Connecticut as a private equity institution that specialized services in both securities brokerage and investment banking. You can visit Ideamensch for more.




Since the firm was established in 1996, it has grown and diversified into several levels such as financial structuring, risk arbitrage, derivatives and investment banking among others. The staff at Southridge always considers the clients’ needs first, and they are dedicated to finding new opportunities while ensuring the growth and development of pre-existing investments. Experience being the backbone of the financial firm, every employee has gained expertise due to decades of service provision allowing them to offer services not only to individual clients but also to companies in need of financing advice. However, since the firm has a well-established search criterion that allows them to come to you if they discover your company is in dire need of financial assistance.




With Stephen Hicks as the CEO of Southridge Capital, the company has been able to get a full spectrum of solutions and works with a much more diversified collection of clients. The business team at the financial firm has good familiarity and awareness of the market and has gained the reputation of creating and executing companies’ financial plans that are up to the clients’ expectations. After assisting an alarming number of companies since it was founded of up to 250 public companies, the company’s team has gathered substantial knowledge and skill that qualifies them to consult and give advice on numerous business issues that pertain public corporations.




Currently, the firm has been putting a close eye on cryptocurrency and pot, which is a clear indication of sumptuous market potential. There is no doubt that the market trends for whichever ideas or deals the firm is focusing have a potential success. You can visit their Facebook page.