U.S. Money Reserve President Phillip Diehl Has A New U.S. Gold Report

Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve has a secret weapon at its disposal. That weapon has a familiar name. The weapon is Mr. Philip Diehl, and he is locked and loaded. That may sound like a strange way to introduce the president of a company. But Phil Diehl has an impressive background in government and in the coin and currency business.

Mr. Diehl was the brains behind the 50-state quarter program while he was director of the United States Mint. Phil was also Chief of Staff for the U.S. Finance Committee. He also was one of the top executives at the U.S. Treasury, so his knowledge of gold and silver coins is in a league of its own.

Phil is the president of U.S. Money Reserve, and his positive impact on the company has put the rare coin, precious metal, and currency company in the limelight in the collecting and investment sectors of the economy. Diehl’s research and numismatic professionals help precious metal buyers purchase gold, silver, and platinum coins at every level. U.S. Money Reserve is all about customer service, thanks to Phil.

And the company has an intimate relationship with the trends that continue to change the precious metal market. That’s why Diehl is calling an emergency Gold Conference. The conference will be in Austin at a secure location. And Phil Diehl will be the main speaker at the event. Mr. Diehl plans to reveal his new U.S. Gold Report at the conference.

Diehl will also address some very important issues that impact the value of gold and other precious metals. Those issues include unstable world leadership, global terrorism, the national debt crisis, cyber-attacks, and the lingering effects of the 2008 financial crisis. Read more: Oil Production to Dip Below One Mill Barrel Per Day | Mynd Now

Diehl wants people to hear the inside story from a man who has an excellent understanding of the global monetary market. This is the time to own gold again, according to Diehl, and his new report gives people the tools they need to buy gold now.

The gold market is experiencing a resurgence in hedge fund investor interest. But there is also huge interest in gold from ordinary people.

People want to know how to buy the precious metal the right way. Phil is giving people an opportunity to make the right decision for their financial future. Physical gold is wealth insurance, according to Philip Diehl. More people are buying physical gold, thanks to Diehl’s advice. And they are keeping it in a personal retirement account.

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