Upwork-Getting Things Done

When it comes to getting things done, motivation is key. Your brain needs to get the “urgent” signal and kick it into overdrive to get that to-do list done. Making a to-do list is great, but you should also specify when things need to get done. If you don’t then you will end up having tasks that never seem to end but rather end up in the to-do list permanently even as you create new lists. By simply adding a “to-do by” date next to the task, it is more likely to get done as your brain recognizes it as a more urgent matter that needs to be completed.

If you’re like most people, you tend to write scattered reminders to yourself that seem to be everywhere. You will need to reign that all in and have a central to-do list. Keep a notebook, or pad of paper with a pen handy or use an app on your phone or software program on your computer. Just be sure that whatever you use will be convenient and in a location that will be effective.

You need to prioritize what’s on your list and decide what gets done and when. You may have to change this up as new priorities come into the picture but just be sure to keep it all in one central location. Break big tasks into smaller ones and tackle the smaller jobs one at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed by it all. Get multiple tasks done at once that are related to save you time and your sanity. Be sure to tackle your to-do list in the morning when your motivation, energy, and mood are at their best and not at night after a long day of work.

Upwork is a freelancing company that offers thousands of skills to help business to find what they need to get their tasks done. Upwork helps companies and independent entrepreneurs to network and to help each other get things done. Some of the skills that they offer includes writing, mobile development, web development, accounting and consulting, and customer service.


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    Having browsed through several options and finding none really offered the services that I needed, I tried Upwork. One nice thing about this freelancing company is that it thoroughly checks out potential freelancers before accepting their applications. For a lot more information about Upwork, click on Relationship Starters Blog. Get things done with Upwork and never get to worry about the competence of your hires.

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