US Money Reserve Sells Gold For Those Concerned About Inflation

Inflation in an economy is usually noticed by consumers when they travel to a store and see the prices of their favorite products go up significantly or find that the supply of goods is low. Precious metals company US Money Reserve states in an article that inflation can be partially tracked by looking at the national consumer price index. This tracks how the prices are moving and where they’re expected to go. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

But as US Reserve goes on to say, high price uptick means you’re going to be paying significantly more for the cost of living and having less savings in the long run. If inflation gets to high and starts taking a hit on your investment assets, you may want to have physical gold that you can buy from US Money Reserve.

There’s many companies out there who claim to sell gold that’s kept in secure locations or is in a gold ETF, but US Money Reserve delivers you physical gold when you buy it. Physical gold can be added to your regular investment portfolio, and while many of US Money Reserve’s regular bullion and certified coins are commemorative editions, they’re not just marketed to the collectors.

They recommend everyone learn about buying precious metals because they are a stable asset when the US dollar is not. They provide downloadable pamphlets on their website that explain more about buying and owning gold and how you can liquidate it when you’re ready to move back to traditional currency. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

One of the factors that separates US Money Reserve from most of its competitors is having company executives who have been in the industry for many years. One of their executives is Philip N. Diehl who was formerly the US Mint Director under President Clinton who changed how the system was being run there and made improvements to their rare coins division and even had one of the first e-commerce websites used by the government.

He found that the way Angela Koch and US Money Reserve wanted to do business closely aligned with what his values at US Money Reserve were. He’s offered his insights on the bullion market to several television network shows and says more about a gold portfolio in an introduction to US Money Reserve’s information kit. you can get this gold information kit for free by going to the company’s website at, and you can also get live assistance on their Client-Connect Advantage platform.

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