Vijay Eswaran- The Self-made Shrewd Businessman, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman and the current CEO of QI Group of companies. The businessman has authored a variety of books and published tons of articles touching on his personal philosophy. He published a post on Home Business, where he sought to share his top 5 qualities of servant leadership. In the post, he shared one of many stunning personal philosophies. The businessman starts with stating that leadership isn’t about reminding others what they need to do. Instead, leadership according to Vijay Eswaran is all about motivating others and focusing on what one can do to motivate people to work selflessly. The businessman notes that care is one of the numerous qualities that continue to distinguish servant leaders. Vijay notes that servant leaders have a reputation for showing care devoid of constraint and condition. They also have clarity of vision, which entails having a compelling and clear vision of what is likely to occur in future. Servant leaders are also committed to growth. They invest their time in helping others develop both personally and professionally.

Vijay Eswaran is a strong proponent of change, hence making change a crucial aspect of his personal philosophy. The businessman maintains that change starts from within and then it spreads in concentric circles. Eswaran is of the view that, it changes that brings people closer to others who are yearning for change in life. Vijay is also a strong believer in pain being the price of change. He states that although change doesn’t eliminate fear, it has the potential to take fear into a new level of excitement.

The businessman rose to prominence shortly after graduating from London School of Economics (LSE), with a BA in social economics. He went around Europe looking for employment, where he first worked as a multilevel marketing professional for the American firm Synaptics. After 13 years in Europe, the businessman worked for Cosway Group still as an MLM professional. His prominence reached its peak after joining QI group in 1998. The multi-level marketing firm has currently transitioned into a vibrant e-commerce conglomerate. His public outreach as a motivational speaker is quite broad, for he has successfully reached countless people and organizations. His books such as The Sphere of Silence, In The Thinking Zone and 18 Stepping Stones covers his philosophy in personal life management.


Vijay Eswaran has been able to reach masses through his writing and his impeccable business prowess. The motivational speaker and seasoned author have been a source of inspiration for many individuals and businesses globally.