Wen bursts the hair care industry’s bubble!

So many of us have had the problem of not being able to get our hair as “perfect” looking at home as it does when we leave the salon. Sure, you may not be a professional hair stylist but you may have been wondering what you were doing wrong. I was taught to check the cleanliness of my hair when washing it by how much lather remained and rubbing a strand between my fingers to do the “squeak test”. Ok, my hair is squeaky clean and feels like straw. So now what? With the exception of some cream facial cleansers, lather and bubbles are almost always synonymous with cleanliness. Then hair stylist Chaz Dean changed that perception and the hair care industry with his Wen line of hair care products.

Wen is a revolutionary concept in hair care, namely that the lather and sulfates in most shampoos are killing our hair! Did you ever think that maybe that squeaky clean hair squeaks because it has been stripped of vital moisture? The centerpiece of the Wen line is a cleansing conditioner that cleanses and conditions in one step without moisture stripping lather. It could take some getting used to not seeing the bubbles AND hearing more compliments on your hair. Among the attributes of this groundbreaking formula is more shine, manageability, and better coverage of hair coloring products. There is also a whole line of complimentary styling and treatment products that, like the cleansing conditioner, feature botanical extracts. No wonder Chaz Dean’s Wen hair care has changed the hair care industry for good! Need Wen? Visit Guthy-Renker or QVC.com to purchase online!

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  • a thought by Lilianna Leonidas

    You should expect more of this kind of change in the industry no matter if it is not hair care so to keep one alert. Now that is why I like experts write essay for me because it sort of helps me to put my tentacles on the new trends and get hold of what exactly will be needed in the industry. This is a smart move and I think that is why Wen has been so successful with Chaz Deans work so far.

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