WEN By Chaz Puts The Big Wow Back Into Blogger’s Limp, Tired Locks

Ask any woman about their hair, and you will probably learn that a misbehaving mane can lower self-esteem and create the ultimate bad hair day.
Blogger Emily McClure knows this all too well, because she has been cursed with fine, kind of frizzy, do nothing hair. This time, she was going to try the no-poo method and see if a famous brand could deliver that A-list hair we all admire. She kept a hair diary for seven days and posted hair selfies at Bustle.com.

WEN hair by Chaz is loved around the world for its clean and pure formulas. Many fans prefer the healthy approach to hair and the sulfate-free ingredients. A no lather shampoo can transform not only one’s mane, but their life, too. It’s an addictive experience that you will never want to let go of.

Famous hair guru, Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean, invented the original no lather shampoo concept. Many other beauty brands have tried to duplicate his unique cleansing conditioners, but done so unsuccessfully. WEN by Chaz is made with natural, plant-based ingredients that bathe and feed each strand, adding health, strength and vitality to hair of any type. Check out Guthy Renker for the list of Wen hair care products.

Emily used less than the amount that the directions call for, but still, her hair seemed to double in volume and get soft in texture. She used WEN by Chaz for seven days, finding that a daily morning wash produced the biggest hair. Her friends were blown away by the results and wanted to know what Emily was using.

Emily admits that laziness won’t cut it with WEN by Chaz. You need to follow a hair routine and stick with it.

She also suggests using time and effort by blow-drying and favorite styling tools for the ultimate WEN results. For updates, follow WEN hair on twitter.

It’s really that simple: WEN by Chaz rocks!
Need WEN Hair Care?
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