What Amenities Does Sussex Healthcare Provide To Its Residents?

Sussex Health Care is an independent company that operates 20 care centers for the elderly, including people with neurological disorders or those who suffer from dementia or have physical and learning disabilities. The company was founded in March 1985 and has its headquarters in West Sussex in the United Kingdom.

The main homes in the Sussex Healthcare network are Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Longfield Manor, Rapkyns Nursing Home, and Horncastle House, among many others. They are all staffed with nurses, giving each resident as much attention as needed (including 24-hour care). Recreational activities and social gatherings are also organized, which are considered as important as caring for the residents’ health, as it offers them a sense of well-being.

Each home offers fresh meals prepared daily, each facility having a chef and kitchen staff in order to provide healthy meals using local produce. The staff is also trained in order to accommodate any diet needs (for residents who have allergies, diabetes, gluten intolerance, etc.) and they work a dietitian who personalizes nutrition plans for the residents.

Sussex Healthcare also offers private transportation, which means resident can travel easily to the gym, where they have amenities such as swimming pools, and underwater treadmills, among others. The personal trainers on site are trained to help residents create fitness plans that are suited to their needs, from building endurance to increasing mobility to losing weight.

Recently, the organization announced the entrance of the new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Morgan Taylor, who took time to get acquainted with Sussex Healthcare, and started her duties in July. Her first action as CEO was to collaborate with the organization’s management team and establish a new Director of Quality. Before joining, Ms. Morgan-Taylor spent 30 years in different areas of the health and social care industry.

The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality care for all residents, including meeting their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs. The staff at Sussex Healthcare is trained to identify as well as meet unique needs that resident might have, and to treat everyone there with patience, respect, compassion and dignity.

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