Why Rocketship Education is Changing the learning environment

Why Rocketship Education is Changing the learning environment

Shaping the minds of the younger generation determines the direction a nation’s future. That is, of course, an understanding that is inherent within any school community and most schools make effort to cultivate this attitude in their learners

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools that have made a niche among low-income neighborhoods. Their school networks are founded on informatively educating students through teachers who have been actively empowered and with the engagement of parents and the communities in which they work.

The Rocketship network has spread its wings since its foundation in the Bay Area in 2007 and currently serves 18 schools across Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington DC.

Indeed, their commitment to ensuring that the school system reflects the values they seek to impact in children is evident. It is not always that parents have the chance to interview potential teachers in the school their children attend, but it happens in Rocketship. Here, a group of parents is invited to interview each teacher before the teacher is offered a job and this has seen the school system absorb some of the best educationists.

The school has embedded respect, responsibility, empathy and persistence as the four core values that must be upheld by all, and these values are shared across all their academies. In fact, Rocketeers recite these values as part of their creed. Each school is also required to choose one value that best reflects its unique character. It could be service, bravery and so on.

There is no doubt that their education system has had a positive contribution especially to San Jose’s low-income children and English learners.

Rocketship Education has put a lot of efforts in understanding the communities within which they operate and also seek to use data to improve their education system. Use of technology has been advanced and integrated overwhelmingly in Rocketship academies

Using research data, the school system has identified that students from high-poverty communities, such as the one’s Rocketship operates, experience more “toxic stress” compared to their counterparts in upper-end neighborhoods. This leads to an inability to manage or resolve conflicts and emotions. Rocketship covers this gap by creating a school environment that helps them grow social-emotionally for future eventualities.